Jackson County Chamber
Regular Meeting: October 8, 2015

1. Call to Order
Treasurer Report
Old Business
A. Gainesboro Christmas Parade and Open House PREPARATIONS (December 5)
b.Use of Mascots
c.Gaines House Involvement on the Square
B.New Chamber Float
a.Merchants Open House
2.City Allocation; Merchant Contribution
3.4.Chili Cook-off
Ghost Walk
Membership/ Voting Memberships
1. New Business Upcoming Chamber ELECTION
Possible allocation of city funds ($2K)
TSU Program
Career Coach
General Operating Procedures for 2016
B.C.Perception of the Chamber
Define the value of the Chamber to local merchants and the community
Possibility of a follow up Survey using the above acquired information to :D.E.
Outline 2016 Goals
Possible Formation of CommitteesF.
Improve Board to Membership Relationship and

Gainesboro-Jackson County
Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 827
Gainesboro, Tennessee  38562
(931) 268-0971
Email: jacksoncountychamber@twlakes.net